More Answers to Your Questions About COVID-19 Vaccinations
February 16, 2021

Immunobiologist Dr. Deepta Bhattacharya answers common questions about what to expect after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

UArizona Health Sciences Excels in Latest Blue Ridge Rankings on NIH Funding
February 17, 2021

Increases in total National Institutes of Health funding have led to higher rankings for several colleges and departments.

Workplace Chemical Exposure Study Leads to Small Business COVID-19 Awareness Campaign
February 16, 2021

A public health research team is providing guidance to beauty, auto shop owners in Spanish-speaking areas to reduce COVID-19 infection risks.

Harmful Alcohol Use Rising During Pandemic, UArizona Health Sciences Researchers Say
February 15, 2021

A study led by researchers in the Department of Psychiatry found hazardous alcohol use increased monthly for those under stay-at-home orders.

Initiative Gives Rural EMS Responders 24-hour Access to Emergency Medicine Physicians
January 29, 2021

The Arizona Rural EMS Advanced Telemedicine Demonstration Initiative will improve patient outcomes by expanding EMS access to potentially lifesaving care.

UArizona Researchers Develop Smartphone-Based COVID-19 Test
January 29, 2021

The new test aims to combine the speed of existing nasal swab antigen tests with the high accuracy of nasal swab PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, tests.

Researchers Studying Stress, Cancer Risk and Reproductive Toxicity in Women Firefighters
January 26, 2021

A $1.5 million FEMA grant is funding a study designed to understand the occupational risks unique to women in the fire service.

Researchers Develop New Tools to Predict Premature Birth and Neonatal Morbidity
January 14, 2021

Progesterone metabolite levels were combined with patient demographic and clinical data to predict women with a higher susceptibility to preterm delivery.

Statewide Antibody Testing Initiative Reaches Milestone, Expects Vaccine-Related Increase in Registrations
January 7, 2021

The antibody test developed at the UArizona Health Sciences can be used to confirm a positive antibody response after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Rapid Care Guidelines for Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Improve Survival
December 17, 2020

An evaluation of emergency medicine guidelines showed proper care on the scene of a brain injury is critical to survival and ongoing brain health.