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Jun 9 2008 - 11:00pm
UA health-care preceptors graduate from Rural Faculty Development Fellowship.
Jun 8 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>The Better Than Ever (BTE) training program</p>
Jun 8 2008 - 11:00pm
The Better Than Ever (BTE) training program
Jun 8 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>Therapeutic cooling, a technique used at University Medical Center</p>
Jun 3 2008 - 11:00pm
To help increase the number of physicians practicing in rural Arizona
Jun 1 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>National CPR/AED Awareness Week June 1-8, 2008</p>
May 28 2008 - 11:00pm
Consortium Supports UA Researcher's Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Research
May 22 2008 - 11:00pm
Scientists from more than 16 nations will converge in Tucson May 28-31
May 20 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>The National Cancer Institute has awarded researchers at the Arizona Cancer Center a one-year, renewable $200,000 grant</p>
May 14 2008 - 11:00pm
Three faculty members at The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy will receive the 2008 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy's Innovation in Teaching Award
May 12 2008 - 11:00pm
UMC won the American Nurses Association's highest national honor for nursing excellence
May 12 2008 - 11:00pm
collaborative, five-year dual-degree program resulting in an MD
May 6 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>A novel therapeutic cancer vaccine developed by a research team...</p>
May 5 2008 - 11:00pm
University Physicians Healthcare, UA Department of Pediatrics Welcome New Faculty Members
Apr 27 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>2008 recipients of the Sydney E. Salmon, MD award</p>
Apr 24 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>Progenitor Cells Hold Promise for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Treatment</p>
Apr 21 2008 - 11:00pm
Events Raise Funds for ALS Research At UA College of Medicine
Apr 17 2008 - 11:00pm
Researchers from The University of Arizona (UA) and Columbia University have discovered that tiny filaments (pili) on bacteria can bundle together and pull with forces far stronger than experts had previously thought possible.
Apr 16 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>People on the Move at The University of Arizona College of Medicine</p>
Apr 13 2008 - 11:00pm
<p>(DFMO) and sulindac, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), has been shown to reduce the risk of recurrent colorectal polyps, a precursor to colon cancer, by up to 95 percent with minimal toxicity.</p>