Public training/demonstration of Continuous Chest Compression CPR

<p>Public training/demonstration of Continuous Chest Compression CPR</p>

Public training/demonstration of Continuous Chest Compression CPR

Members of the public are invited to learn and practice a simpler method of CPR at a public demonstration at University Medical Center this Saturday.
The new method -- called continuous chest compression CPR -- is at the center of two major initiatives announced by the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center last month.

The first is a partnership with the Tucson Fire Department, which, under the guidance of the Sarver Heart Center, has modified its paramedic protocols to incorporate the breakthrough CPR method.

The second initiative is the "Be a Lifesaver" public education campaign, a citywide effort to teach CCC-CPR to as many Tucsonans as possible.

A decade of research at the Sarver Heart Center has found that stopping chest compressions to give mouth-to-mouth breaths may be more harmful than helpful.

Unlike standard CPR -- which alternates chest compressions with breaths -- CCC-CPR involves only chest compressions.

This public demonstration will be held at 10 a.m. at UMC, 1501 N. Campbell Ave. The demonstration is free and all those attending will have the opportunity to "practice" on a Resusci Anne mannequin.

This is the second public demonstration. The first, held Nov. 29, was attended by more than 100 people.

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EDITORS NOTE: Members of the media are welcome to attend this event and interview/videotape/photograph participants as they practice continuous chest compression CPR.

Public training/demonstration of Continuous Chest Compression CPR

SATURDAY, DEC. 20, 10 A.M.

University Medical Center, 1501 N. Campbell Ave., DuVal Auditorium

Pila Martinez, (520) 626-4083