UMC & UA Sponsor Surgical Robot Demonstration March 19

<p>UMC &amp; UA Sponsor Surgical Robot Demonstration March 19</p>

UMC & UA Sponsor Surgical Robot Demonstration March 19

The future of surgery is coming to Tucson! The da Vinci surgical robot will be at the Arizona Health Sciences Center Wednesday, March 19, for a special demonstration on how robotics allow surgeons to perform advanced minimally invasive procedures in multiple disciplines, including cardiothoracic, general, gynecologic and urologic surgery.
University Medical Center and the Department of Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine have invited members of the business and medical communities to attend a presentation and demonstration on March 19 regarding how robotics is changing the world of surgery. The presentation is scheduled at three different times, 7:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., at UMC, 1501 N. Campbell Ave., Room 2216. They also will have an opportunity to "play surgeon" and sit at the console with the master controls of the da Vinci.

A highly sophisticated robotics system made by Intuitive Surgical, Inc., the da Vinci system allows a surgeon to operate without actually putting his or her hands on the patient. Instead, the surgeon sits at a computer console several feet away that offers a three-dimensional view of the area to be treated with magnification up to 12 times that of normal vision. The surgeon controls the long, narrow, specially hinged surgical instruments that are inserted through small incisions in the patient. The remote-controlled instruments can be used in hard-to-reach areas and turned in ways that would be impossible with normal wrist dexterity. Altogether, these advantages allow the surgeon to work on a smaller scale and more precisely than traditional surgery.

For demonstration purposes, the robot will be housed in an 18-wheeler truck parked behind University Medical Center. UMC and the Department of Surgery at the UA College of Medicine are sponsoring the demonstration.

EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: The da Vinci Surgical System is so advanced, even a reporter can do it! Reporters are invited to "play surgeon" and test-drive the robot. Call Jo Marie Gellerman, 626-7219, to schedule a time.