UA Department of Psychology Seeks Participants For Depression-Relapse Prevention Study

The UA Department of Psychology is offering a free depression-relapse prevention program.

UA Department of Psychology Seeks Participants For Depression-Relapse Prevention Study

The University of Arizona Department of Psychology is offering a depression-relapse prevention program at no charge to qualified individuals who would like to participate in a program research study.
The Mindfulness-Based Depression Relapse Prevention Program(MBDRP) is an eight-week meditation program tailored for people who have a history of depression but who are not currently depressed. Modeled after Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), the program consists of eight weekly sessions, two and one-half hours long, a six-hour weekend retreat and up to one hour of homework each day. The program has been shown to be effective in improving mood disturbances, including depression and anxiety, and in helping to reduce depressive relapse.

The UA Department of Psychology is conducting a research study to determine whether any physiological or cognitive changes accompany MBDRP's therapeutic effects. The research requires that participants pass a screening interview, fill out questionnaires and undergo cognitive testing and physiological recordings to monitor brain, heart and hormone activity before and after the MBDRP program. Cognitive testing will include memory and attention tasks and practicing a speech. Physiological recordings will include brainwaves, sleep patterns, heart rate and salivary hormone levels.

Participation in the study will require two evenings of testing, three overnights in the sleep laboratory and three brief interviews up to a year after the program. Participants will be given a sleep report with pictures of their brainwaves in each stage of sleep.

The MBDRP program and research study is being directed by UA PhD candidate Willoughby Britton and is sponsored by the University of Arizona Sleep Research Laboratory. Anyone interested in participating is asked to leave a message for Ms. Britton at the Sleep Research Laboratory, (520) 621-5127, ext. 4, or email

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