Arizona Telemedicine Program’s Michael Holcomb Named Chair for Technology Special Interest Group of American Telemedicine Association

Responsible for working with Technology SIG members to advance ATA technology goals

Michael J HolcombMichael J. Holcomb, associate director for information technology with the Arizona Telemedicine Program (ATP) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, has been named chair of the Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) for the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). He has been an ATA member since 2002.

The ATA Technology SIG includes approximately 650 participants. The Technology SIG initiates the development of global access to a framework of medical communications, sponsors tutorials and seminars on technology for ATA members and explores such issues as the development of universal labeling guidelines and telemedicine equipment standards of interoperability (the ability of software and hardware on multiple machines from multiple vendors to communicate). The Technology SIG works to explore current telemedicine solutions and identify existing technology capacity and limits to progress.   

 As chair, Holcomb is responsible for working with Technology SIG members to advance the ATA’s technology goals. He plans to establish regularly scheduled meetings to provide updates and exchange information with Technology SIG members. He also is responsible for facilitating a short course on telemedicine technology fundamentals for the annual ATA meeting held in the spring. 

“I’ve attended awareness and certification tracks in past years at the ATA annual meeting and would like to continue these offerings for current and future members,” says Holcomb. “I also would like to add another session to cover critical success factors for home and mobile telehealth. This is an emerging field in telehealth.”

 During his two-year term, Holcomb plans to host webinars such as “Good Practices for Selecting Telehealth Products” and “Reliable Telehealth Communications.” 

ATA’s SIG, chapter and discussion groups are an integral part of ATA, responsible for much of the ATA’s activities and leadership. SIGs provide ATA members with opportunities to share knowledge, promote and support telemedicine applications within a specialty area and provide guidance and information to the ATA membership under the authority of ATA.