‘Arizona Elks Clinic for Children and Young Adults’ Receives Top Quality Rating for Vaccine Administration

The pediatric outpatient clinic received a 96 percent compliance rating; the average score across the state is 64 percent and the U.S. national average is 73 percent
From left: Bridgett Favors, LPN; Kimberly Gerhart, MD.The Arizona Elks Clinic for Children and Young Adults received an unprecedented 96 percent compliance rating from their Vaccines for Children (VFC) program audit, conducted by the Arizona Immunization Program Office (AIPO).
VFC is a federally-funded program through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The program provides vaccines to children at no cost, who might not otherwise be vaccinated because of inability to pay. Bridgett Favors, LPN, is the VFC coordinator for the Elks Clinic, and assisted in organizing the audit.
The audit consisted of a four-hour review of vaccine administration records, review of medical records, staff knowledge of vaccine storage, and administration and program guidelines.
The current average score for participating clinical locations across the state of Arizona is 64 percent, and nationally it is 73 percent. “Our 96 percent score is indicative of our commitment to providing immunizations to our patients, and we are thrilled with this accomplishment,” said Tracy Goggin, assistant administrator, clinical operations, UA Department of Pediatrics.
“Congratulations to the Arizona Elks Clinic for Children and Young Adults for its outstanding vaccination efforts,” said Patty Gast, program manager with the Arizona Department of Health Services Immunization. “The clinic, staff and patients are leading the way in statewide efforts to prevent outbreaks of serious diseases that we still see in our state, such as whooping cough and measles. We are proud to have them as our partners in the Arizona Vaccines for Children Program.”
"I am very proud of our staff and faculty for their commitment to providing quality health care including vaccines to the children in our community," said Kimberly Gerhart, MD, medical director of the Elks Clinic, assistant professor and section chief of General Pediatrics, UA Department of Pediatrics.