In-House Resources

The UAHS Office of Public Affairs employs several important tools to promote consistency in the way UAHS represents itself internally and to the public. The UAHS Memo Generator is an automated form that can be customized for specific uses while providing a consistent look to internal communications.

The UAHS Style Guide is an online document with guidelines for writing conventions and publication design, as well as logos and templates for individual colleges. The current UAHS Style Guide can be accessed with a copy of Adobe Reader.

Fact sheets for UAHS entities provide at-a-glance information about each. Copies can be printed from a user’s own computer or requested from Copy Technology Services.

Finally, “Working with the Media” provides guidelines for faculty and staff members to use in preparing for interviews with reporters. Further assistance is available by calling the UAHS Office of Public Affairs, 520-626-7301.